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Lace Front With Adjustable Strap At Back Deep Wave 16" Indian Remy Lace Wig 26 Colors To Choose

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    Product Description
  • Hair style is an important factor to show off a person' beautiful and temperament, wearing a suitable hair, suddenly you will look different. Here this Women hair wig can well show your personality. The hair wig is in a perfect shape and fits extremely close to the head for maximum natural look. This women hair wig is always ready when you are. Beautiful hairdressing wig is an ideal choice for you. Install quickly and easily using with the adjustable band. Made from the finest material, the deep wave hair wig is more comfortable to wear.Change your hair style anytime. The beautiful hairdressing long hair wig is an ideal choice for you.
  • Lace front wigs look more natural due to a natural hairline. It is made of a fine poly silk mesh base in which fibers are hand tied to this thin breathable fabric. It is placed at the front of the wig to look like natural hairline. It can be parted in any direction for maximum styling versatility.
  • Get a stock unit from our wide selection or customize length size and color.
  • 1. 100% Indian Remy Human Hair
  • 2. Lace Front Cap with Stretch Panel
  • 3. Can be styled in an up do or high pony,Can be parted anywhere
  • 4. Lace front Wigs that look, move and feel real,Light weight and comfortable on the scalp
  • 5. Lace Material: Swiss Lace
  • 6. Hair Density: Light-Medium (110%-120%)
  • 7. Baby Hair around the entire perimeter
  • 8. Single knots around the perimeter, Double elsewhere
  • 9. Comes with a complimentary lace wig stocking cap
  • 10. Comes with a complimentary set of application and care instructions
  • Wigs Color: Photo Hair Color:#1B (#1, #1B, #2, #4in stock,please contact us to confirm if it 's in stock before you click )
  • Hair Length: Photo Hair Length:16" (8"- 22" available)
  • Lace Color: Light Brown (Medium Brown, Dark Brown available)
  • Cap Size: One size fit all
  • Cap Construction: Lace front Wigs
  • Lace Material: Swiss Lace
  • Hair Fiber: 100% Indian Remy Human Hair
  • Hair Style: deep wave Wigs
  • Hairline: Freestyle - Parting Anywhere on Head
  • Baby Hair: Along the perimeter to give the effect of a naturally growing hairline
  • Bleached Knots: Along the perimeter to make the hairline even more undetectable
  • Type of Knots: Single knots at hairline & double knots elsewhere
Additional Information
Hair Care
  • How often should I wash a wig?
    Generally speaking, a wig should be washed about every 6-8 wearings - but this is also a personal decision. You should consider washing the wig if the style begins to lose its luster, becomes more difficult to style or feels less fresh than when first wearing it. If you are particularly active, then clean the wig at least once a week to remove dirt and perspiration.
  • To Clean the Wig:
    Comb gently to remove tangles, then turn inside out Add a capful of specifically formulated wig shampoo to cold water, and soak wig for five minutes Swirl gently without rubbing the wig Rinse thoroughly in a basin of clean water Blot with a towel to remove excess water.
  • While Wig is Still Wet:
    Do not rub, wring, twist, brush or comb the wig Turn right side out again and place directly on wig drying stand. Avoid using a Styrofoam styling head while wig is wet to prevent stretching Spritz thoroughly with specifically formulated wig conditioner (do not rinse out) Air dry at room temperature (and out of direct sunlight) Never use heat on a synthetic wig in an attempt to dry the wig faster.
  • When Dry:
    Simply shake the wig out to "wake" the style again. Then brush or comb wig into desired look Do not brush a curly synthetic wig - finger style or use a pick comb instead.
  • To keep the wig looking fresher longer:
    Only use professional hair products designed for wigs, like shampoo and conditioner which have been specifically formulated for this purpose Avoid using standard hair brushes, which can overstretch and damage the wig. Wig.com accessories have been designed specifically for use on wigs, and can be used to create added volume and body. When brushing the wig, start at the ends and work gradually toward the root At the end of each day, spritz with spray-on conditioner to maintain luster and manageability, and remove tangles Store the wig on a Styrofoam styling head to maintain shape and styling when not in use

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