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Lace Top Medium Length High Quality Synthetic Light Blonde Straight Hair Wig

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This long hair wig with no bang will bring you beautiful and sexy look with feminine.High quality and fashion style make it great for everyday use.
Buds screen for emulation scalp, the visual effects, has made us feel comfortable, ventilate, more exquisite workmanship.
Made from high quality Japanese Kanekalon Fiber, this high quality synthetic wig is made to fit average headsizes and comes in light blonde color. Please remember to refer to the tips for your wig below.

Cap Construction: Lace Top
Approx. Length: Front To Back: 13" ? Side To Side: 13.39" ? Crown: 14.17" ? Nape:15.75"
Cap Size: Fits average headsize (21.3"-22.8" circumference)
Fiber: High Quality Synthetic (100% Japanese Kanekalon Fiber)
Shown Color: Light Blonde
Style: Straight
Bang: No
Shipping Weight: 0.171Kg
Wigs FAQ
Wigs FAQ
Lace Wigs, Custom Wigs, Men's Wigs, Hair Pieces and Extensions
Wigs & Hairpieces
  • Q: Can I use low heat to style my wig?

    A: Unfortunately, any heat styling runs the risk of damaging synthetic wigs. Wigs with synthetic hair can be purchased pre-curled or in any style you desire. Alternatively, you could curl the wig with a styling method that does not involve heat. Wigs with human hair will not be damaged by heat styling.

  • Q: What type of fiber is used for your synthetic wigs/hairpieces?

    A: The fiber is made from the raw material Kanekalon, which is imported from Japan. It's commonly used for hair extensions, weaves, wigs and doll hair. Kanekalon is flame-retardant and comes in a variety of styles and textures, plus more than 120 colors.

  • Q: Can I color or straighten the hair in this wig?

    A: Wigs made with human hair can be colored or styled as you would your own hair. Synthetic wigs can be colored, but heat styling of any kind could be damaging to the fibers.

  • Q: How long can I expect this wig to last, and can I wear it to swim or play sports?

    A: Typically, hair wigs can last up to a year or longer. Lace wigs should last up to six months, depending on how often they are worn and how they are cared for. Yes, it is okay to wear them while swimming or playing sports.

  • Q: What is the difference between human hair and synthetic hair?

    A: A human hair wig is longer lasting, soft and feels natural to the touch. It can be styled and dyed just like your own hair and "breathes" so your scalp won't perspire as much underneath. But human hair wigs need to be styled after every wash, and are more expensive because of its limited supply.

    A synthetic hair wig is easy to care for without requiring styling after washing, and is less expensive than human hair. However, it cannot take high temperatures, meaning it cannot be styled with an iron, and has a shorter lifespan if you wear it every day.

  • Q: What are the different types of wig caps?

    A: Capless is one of the most common types of wigs. On our capless wigs, each section of hair is machine-sewn onto a lace inset at the crown.

    Monofilament caps use a gauze-like,, nearly transparent material that each hair section is hand-knotted onto. This kind of wig can be styled more easily and can ventilate your scalp to avoid heat and moisture buildup. The thin cap material is difficult to detect and therefore very natural-looking. Monofilament wigs are specially designed for those with thinner hair or sensitive skin.

    Lace wigs use a piece of mesh lace just beyond the front hairline of the wig, which each hair section is attached to. These can be temporarily glued to the skin around the hairline to make the lace cap nearly invisible. Mesh lace allows for natural-looking partings in the hair, as well as weeks of wear at a time, even during swimming or sports. All lace wigs need periodic maintenance and can last for six months or longer.

    There are two types of lace wigs: front lace and full lace:

    Full lace wigs have lace material all around and can be parted anywhere on the scalp for greater breathability and comfort.

    Front lace wigs have lace material at the forehead only and are more natural and undetectable. Unfortunately, these wigs cannot be pulled back into a ponytail.

  • Q: How do I adjust the wigs to fit my head?

    A: The adjustable elastic band inside the wig can help you get a secure, comfortable and close fit.

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